Maria van Daarten – Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

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Maria van Daarten – Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

“How can I establish myself as a self-employed female escort?” This question is posed by the 42-year-old Ilona. Previously, she has been working secretly part-time as a prostitute in clubs, and is now tired of hiding her profession. For a long time she has had the dream of “Easy Money” and living somewhere by the sea with lots of sunshine. She therefore packs 2 Suitcases and takes herself off to Athens/Greece to seek her luck. Not long after her arrival, she meets Violet, an experienced prostitute who gives her valuable tips on local customs, as well as introduces her to “fishing”. Ilona adopts the alias Anika and places an ad in a local weekly magazine. Highly motivated, she starts establishing her own clientele. She meets numerous types of men, a few with extraordinary wishes. One young man is looking for the experience of ‘serving’ a domina. A yoga teacher gets turned on play acting the naughty student. A Greek client has discovered anal sex and another has a foot fetish. An American client she pleasures by tying his testicles. Exciting and entertaining, she describes her new job: from selecting outfits, phone calls with the customers, and last but not least, the actual work she is paid for — sex!

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Sunshine Sex Easy Money
Maria van Daarten

Maria van Daarten

I’m Maria from Germany and I grew up in the Rhineland. Because I always loved the sun and the sea, I traveled for many years through Southern Europe. During this time I took on a variety of jobs in order to support myself and allow me a lifestyle that gave me plenty of free time. – Free time for my other passion: reading and writing.

“Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money” is my first published book. I wrote it in my native language German and it was translated into English in 2017.

The inspiration for writing this book I got, when I was working in Athens/Greece as an independent female escort. It was an exciting time and I wanted to share my exceptional experiences with other people.<<<

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